Top 5 Amazing Apps For Android On Play Store In 2022

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Amazing Apps For Android

So guys welcome back to our disrespect episode of Top Five Android Apps and in today’s episode you will see such apps by which you can change the charging animation of your smartphone, modify the call screen of your smartphone and also Only you can convert your smartphone into PC desktop.

Amazing Apps For Android List

  • Redwalls
  • True phone dialer
  • Battery charging animation
  • Timepass
  • Mac launcher

1. Redwalls

The first app of this episode is Red Walls and this is basically a wallpaper app in which you get to see a lot of best live wallpapers and in this app you get wallpapers of both free and paid categories which you can download and install on your smartphone.

You can customize the home screen to make it unique and cool, and these live wallpapers are quite attractive, then you are going to like it a lot.


2. True phone dialer

So Guys Next Application is True Phone Dialer And If You Also Like To Customize Your Call Screen Then You Can Definitely Try This App And Using This App Is Quite Easy.

Simply You Have To Install This App After that you will get to see two apps of phone and contact in your smartphone, first of all, by opening the phone app, you have to give all these permissions and set it to default, after that whenever on your smartphone.

If a call comes, the call screen will be shown in the iOS version and in the same way, you have to open the contact app and give all the permissions and set it to default and in this you can select any contact and profile.

You can set the profile pic of the contact number by selecting any image from the gallery by clicking on the pic and in this way you can convert the old call screen to the new call screen.


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3. Battery charging animation

Guys when you put your smartphone on charging then you get to see the same default charging animation as what is on the screen and if you want to remove this default charging animation and apply a unique animation then you can try battery charging animation app.

can do In this, you get to see a lot of charging animations, apart from this, charging screens are available in this app, whose theme you can customize and when it comes to charging animation.

here you get to see some such charging animations and here But you get to see different types of charging screens, in the charging screen you get to see all the details related to the battery.


4. Timepass

So Guys is fourth application time pass and it is basically an app in which you get to see motivational quotes which you can use to share on WhatsApp status.

Also in this app you will get interesting facts, life hacks, vocabulary Features like building and deep breathing exercises are available.

In this you also get casual games to pass the time and not only this you can improve your English and general knowledge by playing games and quizzes.


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5.Mac launcher

So Guys now the last application which is a launcher which basically means that you can convert your smartphone into a PC desktop view and here you can see that its UI is quite simple and it is a PC laptop.

Just like you get to see the view of your smartphone, in which you get to see the rest of the icons on the left side and in the bottom side you get to see the window browser message box and dialer tree and its main feature is Recycle.

If you accidentally delete your photos etc., then you can restore them with its help.



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