Top 5 Best Prank Apps For Android – Apps to Irritate Friends 2022

Are you searching for the Best Prank Apps & Apps to Irritate Friends to prank with your friends?

If yes then you have come to the right website that means on our blog tech unrated.

Because in today’s article we will tell you 5 Apps to irritate friends and along with pranking, all these applications are also interesting.

If you use these Apps to irritate friends on your friend then your friend will be in trouble. But after the prank, you tell the whole truth to your friends.

Best Prank Apps List

  • Labalabi For WhatsApp.
  • WhatsMock Text Prank.
  • Magic Call.
  • Free Call.

Labalabi For WhatsApp

If you want to hang your friend’s mobile then an application has come for that too. Whose name is Labalbi and with the help of this application, you can hang your friend’s mobiles while sitting at home, that is you can get a blast done.

As you see, as soon as you open it, many people will say, “How will the blast happen with the help of this application? So for this, after opening this application, you have to select a number from the list of contacts and accept the terms.

After this, in the new page, you have to type the message in the box, whatever message you want to send. After this, you have to click on the arrow symbol at the bottom and here you will see a list of many numbers and now here you have to select the number as many times you want to send the message.

After selecting any number, you will see the option of send below, you have to click on it and after that, whatever contact number you have selected, many messages will start going on WhatsApp at once.

But here if I increase the number of messages to one billion, then the message will continue to be sent to his mobile for 24 hours! So his mobile is definitely going to get damaged or hang! So with the help of this application, you can hang the mobile of your friends, which name is Labalbi.

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WhatsMock Text Prank

After this the name of the second number prank application is whatsmock and use this application well or else your beating is going to be certain.

To use this application, you just have to click on the logo of the message shown in the corner! After this you have to click on the option of create contact and here you can create a fake WhatsApp user id in front of you.

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So here you have to fill the user name etc. and after that save it! Now after saving, now you can create your own message from both sides here.

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Magic Call

If you want to prank with your friends, then there is a good application for that, which is called Magic Call. So before using this application, think with whom to joke and with whom not to joke.

So when you open this application, here you will get to see a lot of options and the use of this application is that whatever you talk on the call, it changes its voice in a good way.

So here you will get to see different voice options! So in whatever voice you want to talk, you can do it. Like here, a female voice option has been given in it and when you click on it, you will have a call button in front of you, you have to click on it.

After this, you have to dial by selecting your friend’s number from your contact list and your voice will change to your friend under the guise of dialing the number.

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Free Call

If you want to call someone from an unknown number. That is, if you want us to call someone and your number does not show to others.

Then a good application has come for that. Which name is Free Call. As soon as you use this application. So here you see a number, then you have to select it! After this the option of credit appears, where you get 100 times credit, with the help of which you can call.

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So guys this was the Apps to irritate friends or Best Prank Apps for android and you will find all these applications on play store as well as you will get the links of all these above.

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