How To Check, How many Sim Cards Are Registered With A Single Aadhaar?

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How many Sim Cards Are Registered With A Single Aadhaar?

Guys do you know that in India only nine sim cards can be activated in one person’s name simultaneously and at a time and if you get more than nine sims activated then maybe you can be checked. In the earlier times, you could take a SIM from the Voter ID card and now Aadhaar card is used to get the SIM. Many times it happens with us that we take more than one sim or we take sim after seeing offers etc. and stop using them after the offers are over and forget those sims. Now if you do not remember how many SIM cards are activated in your name and you do not even know how to find out how many SIM cards are activated in your name. So in today’s article we will talk about this topic, so read this article from beginning to end and if you like this article, then definitely like and share it.


How many SIM cards are registered under your Aadhaar Card


Friends, as you know, the Department of Telecommunications had launched a portal named some time back. Talking about this portal, the database of all the SIM cards that are activated across the country is uploaded on this portal. Along with this, this portal has been made so that spam and fraud can be stopped through it. If you ever feel like this or it ever happens to you that someone else is using other mobile number in your name, then you can complain on this portal related to this problem. By the way, for now the facility of this portal is currently only for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and after some time this portal will be implemented in the whole country as well. So let’s know how to use this portal.


Step :-01

So to use this portal, first of all you have to open Chrome browser. After this, here you have to search and then the website of this portal will open in front of you.


Step :-02

So in this portal you get to see a box, in which you have to enter your mobile number and after entering the mobile number, click on the button with Request OTP.


Step :-03

After this, as soon as you click on the Request OTP button, an OTP will come on your mobile number and a new page will open where you have to enter the OTP and click on the Validate button.


Step :-04

After validating the OTP, you will get a list of all the numbers that will be activated in your name. Now from this list you will be able to report for that number which will be activated in your name and which you are not using and on the basis of your complaint the government will check that number which will be activated in your name.


Step :-05

As you know that only nine SIM cards can be activated on one ID and in this portal you see such a number which is activated in your name but you are not using it, then you can complain for that number. After which the government will deactivate that number.



This portal of has been released only in two states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for the time being and it is expected that in the coming time this portal will be released across the country.

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