How To Fix A Hacked Android Phone – How To Know Your Phone Is Hacked 2021

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How To Fix A Hacked Android Phone

Friends, in today’s time, we have started using smartphones more than computers and as you know that since the era of digitalization has come, most of the work has started being done online and due to all the work being online, most of the work is done by smartphone. It just happens. But there is a problem in using the smartphone or say that there is a danger of hacking and leaking of our personal data.

You know that it is easy for hackers to hack the smartphone. Our one mistake makes way for hackers. And keeping this in mind, in today’s article (How To Fix A Hacked Android Phone – How To Know Your Phone Is Hacked), we will talk about some such special points from which you can find out whether your smartphone is hacked or not and also how you can save your smartphone from being hacked.


Smartphone Shutdown And Restart Automatically

So friends, the first point to find out if the smartphone is hacked then smartphone automatically shutdown and restart. If this kind of problem is coming in your smartphone then it is obvious that your Smartphone has been hacked. Apart from this, if you see some changes in the settings of your smartphone, then you need to be alert.

Because when your smartphone is hacked, then the entire control of your smartphone goes in the hands of the hackers, the smartphone becomes more hung than necessary. The speed of your smartphone goes down. So in such a situation, what you have to do is to remove the file or app that has got this problem after downloading and even after that if no solution is found, then format the smartphone.

Another sign of a smartphone being hacked is that messages related to transactions start coming on your smartphone. Apart from this, messages of those products that you have never bought before and in case of such a problem, it may be that someone has got all the information related to your debit card and credit card and all these details to the hackers available from shopping sites. Apart from this, you can also get from your smartphone and email.


Smartphone Being Slow And Hang

The third sign of a smartphone being hacked is that your smartphone suddenly becomes slow and hangs a lot. The touch sampling rate of your smartphone drops. Apart from this, you start having problems in video surfing. In opening anything in the smartphone, it opens very slowly. In this case you need to be careful.


Battery Draining Problem In Smartphone

Friends, in such a situation, it is common for the battery capacity of the smartphone to decrease due to using the smartphone for a long time. Friends, it is normal to gradually reduce the capacity of the battery, but if the opposite is happening with your smartphone. Meaning that if the battery capacity of your smartphone is suddenly draining faster than normal, then you need to pay attention to your smartphone because any kind of malware or virus in the smartphone keeps running in the background so that your smartphone The battery starts draining very quickly.


Smartphone Performance Decreases

Friends, if the performance of your smartphone has been affected recently, that means if you see any decrease in the performance of your smartphone recently than before, then you need to be careful. The problem that happens in this is that any web page etc. is not being loaded properly in your smartphone. To fix the performance of your smartphone, you have to restart it again and again. So in such a situation it is possible that there is some malware present in your smartphone due to which the performance of your smartphone has been affected.


Showing Pop Ads In Smartphone

Friends, in this situation, you get to see pop ups of AIDS etc. while running websites like Google Twitter and Facebook in your smartphone and these pop ups are related to antivirus virus software or security tools and you know that Google, Websites like Facebook, Twitter these do not show such pop up ads and if you are facing this kind of problem then adware has come in your smartphone.


Sudden Hanging Of Social Apps

Friends, when a hacker attacks your smartphone, many times it happens that the apps that come in daily use like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram suddenly start hanging and suddenly freeze. These apps do not run even after doing anything. Apart from this, some apps etc. disappear by themselves, that means they get uninstalled. So it is possible that all this is happening because of malware coming in your smartphone.


Mobile Application Crashes Frequently

Friends, many times it happens that we are running an application and it suddenly crashes, it is normal for the application to crash a couple of times, but if this is happening to you again and again, there may be two reasons. One is that it may either be that the application is not updated and secondly that the problem may also be in the application. So in such condition you should remove such application.


Heating Problem In Smartphone

Friends, it is believed that when the smartphone is hacked, the heating problem in your smartphone increases, which means that the smartphone starts heating up too much. And if there was no heating problem before your smartphone was hacked then you need to be alert and it is because your smartphone is under someone else’s control.


Flash Light On And Off Automatically

Friends, many times it happens that when some kind of malware attacks your smartphone, then the flashlight of your smartphone starts turning on and off automatically. In such a condition it is obvious that your smartphone is under hacker’s control and in this condition you should either use anti malware and either you should reset your smartphone, so that the malware present in your smartphone is removed.


How To Prevent Phone Hacking

  1. To keep your smartphone safe from hacking, you do not have to install any third party apps.
  2. Apart from this, you have to install applications like anti malware and spyware.
  3. And not only this, if phishing comes on your gmail, then you have to avoid clicking on the links given in those mails.
  4. Friends, you must have seen many such public places where free wifi is available and free wifi is not to be used in any public place.
  5. While installing any kind of app, you have to see what kind of permissions that application is asking to enable.
  6. Friends, to protect the smartphone from hacking, you get the feature of encryption in both Android and iPhone smartphones, which you have to enable.
  7. Apart from all this, the most important thing is that you do not have to root your smartphone because by rooting the smartphone, you do not get any kind of update in the smartphone from the future and the chances of your smartphone being hacked increase.

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