Top 5 Most Useful Apps For Android In 2022

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All of these android apps are amazing and very useful to every android users.

Most Useful Apps For Android

So hey guys welcome back to our new episode of Top Five Android Apps and in today’s episode you will get to see basically such apps by which you can set amazing live wallpapers on your smartphone, make your Instagram stories awesome on smartphone You can change the style of incoming notifications

Most Useful Apps For Android List

  • Zapya
  • Story Bit
  • Flexi
  • Pika Show
  • Notify Buddy

1. Zapya

So Guys our video starts with data sharing app which is very amazing app by which you can transfer data in fast way and you must have used file transfer apps like xender and share it which have maximum transfer speed. Whatever it is, it used to be seen up to four to five Mbps, but in this app you get to see the data transfer speed which is up to fifteen Mbps, which is a good feature of this app and the link to install it is available in the description, then there you can install it from.


2.Story Bit

Guys if you are interested in creating creative story post for Instagram, Facebook etc. then you can try story bit application.

Because in this app you get different type categories to create an attractive story post and above beat effect Your story post is created and from here you can also add music to the story post.

And to create a story post, simply select the style you like, after downloading its resources, click on this cross and to customize it, click on this icon and replace these images To apply your images.

Simply import your image from the gallery by clicking on the plus icon and after that add the song by clicking on the music icon and then download it by clicking on the download icon above.

And to download it, you have to see the ad because you get premium stuff in this app and the download link of this app is available in the description so you can install from there.


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3. Flexi

Guys now third application is a live wallpaper app named Flexi and in this you get to see illusion type live wallpaper in which checks style and rainbow color effect are seen.

When you touch on the screen of your smartphone then you get something like this The flexible touch effect is visible in this way and apart from this, you can change its settings by clicking on the plus icon given in the corner.

Such as increasing the speed of the gyroscope, you can change the graphic quality and frame rate etc.

You must tell by commenting how you like this app and you will find its link in the description, then you can install it from there.


4. Pika Show

So Guys next application is pica charging show and it is basically a charging animation app in which you get to see many different types of charging animation and when you plug your smartphone in charging then you get a picture on your smartphone screen.

Kind of funky and cool animations are seen and for this, first of all you have to install this application and open it and give all the required permissions and simply select any one from different type of animations.

This is a premium app, you get a coupon in it, to use an animation for free, you can apply an animation by simply clicking on the Get Coupon.

The rest you get to see the wallpapers of different types in this app and to install The link for it is available in the description.


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5. Notify Buddy

And now the last application is Notify Buddy and it is basically a LED notification app in which you get to see different type of notification animation and the animation which you have selected is shown on the screen of the smartphone.

When the notification arrives and for this simply You have to install this app and open it and after opening you have to give the basic permissions,

after that you have to select the apps for which you want to enable LED notification and now scroll down. When it comes down, you can adjust the position and size of the LED notification in the Appearance option according to your own accord.

And apart from this, you can also change the color of the notification icon here and here you get to see different types of LED notification shapes and apart from the dot, there are other LED shapes paid shapes that you can ad watch.

Can unlock later. And you will find the link of this app in the description, then you can install it from there.



So guys, this was today’s episode’s Top Five Powerful Android Apps. So you can tell us by commenting!

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