Top 5 New Best Android Apps To Enhance Your User Experience 2022

Guys, are you looking for such apps which more useful for android and for better using experience? If yes, then you are on right place.

Because in this article we listed out “Top 5 Best Android Apps 2022” among millions of applications.

Trust me guys all of these Best Android Apps are amazing and very useful.

Best Android Apps

So hey guys, welcome to this episode of New Android Apps and in today’s episode, you will find some amazing apps that you can use to enhance your Android user experience.

Best Android Apps List

  • Pause It
  • True Pick
  • Lightpass
  • 3D Parallax Wallpaper

1. Pause It

So Guys the first application is Pause it and you must be using WhatsApp, then this app is very useful for you because many times it happens that your net is on and the notifications of WhatsApp keep coming and due to the necessary work, the net is off.

If you do not want to and want to turn off the notifications of WhatsApp, then with the help of this app you can pause the notifications of WhatsApp and for this you will not have to turn off the data and for this you have to install this app and open it.

After opening, you have to activate this app by clicking on pause it, then you have to give permission and after that you will be able to pause the notifications of Easy WhatsApp and with the help of this you can also save WhatsApp status and also you can without contact number You can message any number you have saved.


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2. True Pick

So Guys’ second app is True Pick and it’s an amazing customization app. And if you also like to customize the home screen of your smartphone, then you can definitely use this app.

In this app, you get to see a collection of many cool and attractive home screen setups and also you get a lot of wallpapers in it.

And for this, after installing this app, open it and open it, simply select any home screen setup, then simply select the launcher and after that install the suitable launcher for home screen setup,

after that easy home screen If you will be able to customize and the customized home screen setup gives an attractive and cool look to the smartphone, then you can try it.


3. Lightpass

So guys now it’s the turn of the third application and that is Light Pass and this app is very special for you if you use a smartphone with low RAM and low storage or you have to use the lite version of popular apps like Facebook, browser Google Maps.

If you like to use then this app is of great use to you. The lite versions of popular apps consume less RAM and less storage with less data usage and this app helps you find the lite version of similar big apps.

And with the help of this app, you can easily find the lite version of any app.

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4. 3D Parallax Wallpaper

And now the fourth number app is 3D Parallax Wallpaper Guys this is quite an amazing application.

In this app you get live wallpapers, 4D wallpapers, as well as video wallpapers, and these wallpapers look very cool and attractive to look at.

And the special thing about the 3D wallpapers of this app is that you will get to see the movement in these wallpapers as soon as there is movement of your smartphone. And in this app you get unlimited 4K, 3D and video wallpapers that are also quite cool.



So guys these were the top 5 Android applications that you must have if you are a smart Android user.

Hope today’s article “Best Android Apps” has been very helpful and you must have liked it and by commenting in the comment box, do tell which one of these apps you liked more and don’t forget to like and share this article

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