Some Myths And Tips About Your Smart Phone Battery

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Some Myths And Tips About Your Smart Phone Battery

Friends, if you are a smartphone user, then you must have heard many myths about the charging of the smartphone and many questions will arise in your mind about charging. Not only this, with the passing of time, smartphones are becoming more and more expensive as well. In which you are provided with the best and best charging system. But still, many myths about smartphone charging are heard even today and if you also get to hear myths about smartphone charging and many questions come in your mind about charging, in today’s article about smartphone charging. We are going to clear the myths and questions about it, so if you like this article, then definitely like and share it.

Some Myths About Your Smart Phone Battery

Myth :-01 Overnight Charging Spoils Battery Life

So friends, the first and very common myth that you always get to hear is that keeping the smartphone on charging all night spoils the battery of the smartphone. And the most important thing is this myth is for those whose smartphone is of the latest technology, because in today’s technology smartphones and chargers you get a special feature, in which automatic power is cut when the smartphone is 100% charged. But this is not the case in older smartphones and phones with keypads, you have to plug them out when they are fully charged.


Myth :-02 Charging Smartphone From Laptop Can Damaged Battery

After this, the second myth is heard that the smartphone gets damaged quickly when you charge the smartphone from the laptop and if you also sometimes charge your smartphone with a laptop, then it is very important for you to know because by putting the cable in the laptop. Charging the smartphone does not spoil the smartphone, but the charge done from the laptop lasts for a long time. When charging the smartphone from the laptop, the smartphone charges slowly. This happens because the power output speed of the laptop is low, due to which the smartphone charges slower and the charge lasts longer.


Myth :-03 Overcharging Causes The Smartphone To Explode

Guys, have you ever heard that overcharging causes the smartphone to explode. But it is not so that overcharging neither explodes the smartphone nor does any damage to the battery. It doesn’t matter if it happens occasionally, but it should be avoided to do it again and again. And in today’s time, you get to see smartphones of advanced technology, in which when the smartphone is fully charged, the smartphone automatically disconnects the power and has data. And in today’s smartphone, you are fitted with an inbuilt chip, which keeps the smartphone safe from overcharging. By putting its phone on full night charging, the smartphone keeps on heating up and this reduces the battery life.


Myth :-04 Charge Smartphone When Battery Is 0%

Guys a myth You must have also heard that the smartphone should be put back on charge only when it is zero percent. But this is not true and you should avoid doing this, because when you charge the smartphone completely after discharging, it damages the battery. In this condition, you should put it on charge when the smartphone is 20 to 25 percent charged.


Some Tips Important Tips About Your Smart Phone Battery


Tip :-01 Don’t Put Smartphone On Electronic Product While Charging

Guys, do you also charge your smartphone by keeping it on an electronic item and how does charging the smartphone with an electronic item affect the smartphone? You would hardly know this. If you charge your smartphone in this way, then you should not do this, if that electronic item is on, Because when an electronic item is turned on, then heat is released from it and when you keep your smartphone charged on that electronic item, then the heat emitted from the electronic item damages the smartphone. Therefore, from the front, you have to keep in mind that do not charge the smartphone by placing it on any electronic item.


Tip :- 02

Guys, have you ever charged or charged the smartphone by placing it on the sofa, clothes and pillows to increase the height of the smartphone due to the short charging cable. Although charging the smartphone in this way does not cause any damage, but charging the smartphone in this way leads to a slow charge, because in this way a plane surface is not available and charging is slow.



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