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Are you looking Gaming Mouse Pad for smooth gaming experience?

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because in this article I am going to share information with you about a mouse pad which is smooth as well as it also comes with RGB lights.

I am sure that after reading this article, you will get answers of  all your queries related to Zebronics Zeb-Blaze XL RGB Mouse Pad,

or other Gaming Mouse Pad and you will be able to buy a good mouse pad to enhance your gaming experience

So now without any delay let’s move on to the article of our mouse pad.

Gaming Mouse Pad

Guys Gaming Mouse Pad, is a product that is very beautiful and very cool for the gamer.

because if you especially do gaming on a gaming PC, then you will know that it is very important to have a Mouse Pad.

Especially not because of RGB lighting, because the material used on it is so smooth and its DPI rate is so good.

That if you want to play an Aiming game on a gaming PC, then you will not be able to do Aiming without a mouse pad.

Zebronics Zeb-Blaze XL RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

So in this article we are reviewing the mouse pad of Zebronics company that too with XL size and this is Zeb-Blaze XL RGB Mouse Pad from Zebronics company.

  • A premium,  smooth, flexible and good quality gaming mouse pad for gamers.
  • A RGB Mouse Pad with 13 Modes.
  • A sticky Mouse Pad for gamers.
  • A best Mouse Pad with huge size and thickness.
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Contents In Gaming Mouse Pad Box

So first of all when you unbox this Zebronics Zeb-Blaze XL RGB Mouse Pad. You get to see only two-three things in it.

In which first you get to see a user manual, which you can read if you want to read.

After this, the second thing we get to see a gaming mouse pad packed in polythene.

Along with this, we get to see a cable of 1.8 meters in this.

Size Of Gaming Mouse Pad

Now if we talk about the size of Zeb-Blaze XL RGB Gaming Pad, then it is XL size gaming pad.

If we talk about the length, then its length is 800×300 Millimeter and 4 Millimeter thickness.

which is quite big in size and you can comfortably keep a full size keyboard and mouse on it.

Build Quality Of Gaming Mouse Pad

Now if we talk about its build quality, then its build quality is very amazing and weave texture has been used to make this gaming pad.

And on the bottom side you get to see the rubberized texture,

Due to which this gaming pad sticks to the table and desk and you are able to do gaming here very comfortably.

More Features Of Gaming Mouse Pad

Also, if we talk about more features here, then here you get to see RGB mode.

Which you can give power from power bank or from any USB port, whether it is in your monitor, or speaker, or UPS or CPU, or whether it is in your laptop.

After Connecting the RGB Lights to Power, this gaming mouse pad looks great on tables and desks when all the lights in the room are off.

The RGB lights of the mouse pad look amazing when the room lights are turned off.

Now if we talk about RGB modes, then here you get to see Thirteen RGB modes and at the same time you get a mode to turn off the lights.

After this, here you can keep the brightness of RGB lights at two levels, one on normal mode and the other on full brightness mode.

Our Verdict

So here in this gaming pad, you get to see so many types of RGB light modes, flexibility smoothness or durability and it looks very beautiful to play the game and its RGB lights view in the darkness and also your gaming becomes much smoother.

Pros. & Cons.


  • This mouse pad makes your gaming much smooth.
  • This mouse pad enhance that look and vibe of your desk.
  • It is very smooth and flexible


  • There is only one issue in this mouse pad, which is the small bumps in this.
  • Have to keep it under weight for two to three days, because of the bumps.

Is it important to have a Gaming Mouse Pad?

So now many people have this question that is it very important to have a mouse pad?

So the answer is that it is not very important to have a mouse pad, but if you are a serious gamer and if you want the accuracy of your game to be good,

then it is very important for you to have a good mouse pad.

How to buy this Mouse Pad?

If you want to buy this mouse pad, then you can buy it from Amazon by clicking on the checkout button above.

Although there are two sizes of this mouse pad, but here I would recommend you that you should go towards XL size.

so you can keep both your keyboard and mouse And the table or desk you have should be maintained and good looking.


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